Catholic Primary School, Heidelberg West

Celebrating 5 Years of Montessori at St Pius X

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In 2022, St Pius X Catholic Primary School celebrates 5 years of Montessori Education.
St Pius X Catholic Primary School has an established and successful Montessori Program.
Our Montessori Teaching Team looks forward to 2023 and beyond with full Cycle 3 in 2024.

Further confirmation of a positive strong future for Montessori Education at St Pius X, is
evidenced in the St Pius X Building and Infrastructure Master Plan which clearly includes
Montessori Stream as delivered in Master Plan Stage 1, Cycle 1 & 2 classrooms and
outdoor learning spaces in 2020-2021.

St Pius X Masterplan Stage 2 Government Capital Grant $2 million includes further
classrooms for Montessori Education.

We welcome a new member to our Montessori Cycle 1 Teaching Team in 2023 – Grace is
undergoing the first stages of Montessori Training during January and has been fully
involved in 2023 curriculum planning to date.

Recruitment planning is already underway for a Cycle 3 Montessori Teacher position to
commence 2024. Application process is now open. We invite suitable candidates to apply.

Together We Shine in Montessori Education