Catholic Primary School, Heidelberg West

2022 STEM Design Award Winners – Artful Ingenuity

Congratulations to the Year 4/5/6 team for being National winners! The children have been successful in competing in the national STEM competition with Catholic Schools from across Australia. This marks a great achievement for the children and teachers, especially in recognition of our sustainability and environmental program, with the design, engineering and construction of the recycled pizza oven.

The children completed the oven two weeks ago and have enjoyed a pizza cooked in the oven. The Prep – Year 3 children have also experienced the pizza oven in use and enjoyed focaccia bread at Foodweb Gardening classes last week.

Please enjoy the video the children created with the support of their teachers – Luke, Jia, Bella & Tim. We especially thank Jia for her techanical talent in producing and editing the video.